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An engineer giving a thumbs up next to a small fighter in Space Engineers

How to Design a Ship in Space Engineers

Building and designing a sweet-looking ship in Space Engineers comes with practice and learning. But for beginners, your first several ship designs may turn out awkwardly blocky. How can you overcome this? While taking your...

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A pirate in Sea of Thieves holds a fishing rod as they stare across the blue sea

How to Fish in Sea of Thieves: Easy Tips

Got grubs? Don’t know what to do with them in Sea of Thieves? One way to get rid of them besides eating them (not recommended) is to go fishing. By default, your character comes with...

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A gamer aims a cannon at a galleon in Sea of Thieves

6 Tips for How to Outrun Ships in Sea of Thieves

Imagine the following scenario: You’re playing Sea of Thieves all by yourself. You’ve just spent hours grinding away at a quest until you finally beat it and are rewarded with a well-earned stash of loot....

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Sea of Thieves player hides out in the open on the poop deck

How to Tuck in Sea of Thieves

Maybe you just got Sea of Thieves and are having a blast sailing the seas and getting into combat with other players. One day you hear the term “tucking” in Sea of Thieves and how...

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A player aims a cannon at a sloop in Sea of Thieves

Things to Know About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game where you take on the role of a treasure-hunting pirate. Since Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer experience, you have the option to chase down players...

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A space engineer looks across the scenery on a modded planet

Things to Know About Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a sandbox game that allows you to construct and fly ships in epic dogfights with your friends or other online players, or for exploring asteroids and planets. You can build your own...

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